To those seeking a better place to eat, drink and socialize, we welcome you to the Quench Nation, and we look forward to serving you.  Quench is a modern version of a classic “gastro pub” featuring incredible food and unique beverages.  To those seeking urban cool, with suburban convenience, welcome to the Quench Nation.  To those seeking something new and refreshing, something fun and something unique, Quench is here and ready to exceed your expectations.

To that end, the following is the mission of Quench:

~  You will have fun here.

We at Quench believe that cocktails are art.  Accordingly, you will drink well here.  And whether “well” for you means a premium, hand-crafted cocktail or a nice cold Natty Boh, we’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes.  Our mixes are made by hand, our beers are unique and our rail liquors are premium or boutique brands.

~  You will eat well here.  Most of our menu is made from scratch, and whenever possible our food will be organic and locally sourced.  But we will not be restricted to just what’s fresh here and now – we’ll scour the nation to make sure what you’re eating is in season, and of high quality.  And if you have food allergies, preferences or any nutritional concerns, lets us know and we’ll do our best to take care of you.

~  We want you to hang out with us.  Will we package your food to go?  Sure.  But would we prefer you pull up a seat and hang out a while?  Yes please thank you.

We love kids.  We have kids, and we’re happy to make any of our full-sized plates kid-sized.  We also offer house-made kid-fare as well:  burgers, dogs, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, mac & cheese and more.

Last, but not least:  help us help you.  If any part of your Quench experience is not to your liking, please tell a manager while you are here.  We will fix whatever is wrong and ensure you a great visit.  But if you elect to suffer and silence, we can help you!  So rather than having an experience you don’t enjoy and going home to “yelp” about it, let a manager, server or owner know and we’ll fix it for you on the spot.  Then, we hope you’ll rush home to Yelp about how great we are!