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I’m late, I’m late.  I know  this blog is late!  I’m so sorry. I had to head out of town for a funeral.  I know…it’s a sad topic.  But, this won’t bring you down, I promise.  This one is about support from loved ones and the power of family.

Family comes in all forms.  Sometimes, you don’t even know who they are.  I didn’t know 2 of my aunts until I turned 17.  I stepped of the plane, in my shy teenage years, anxious to meet these women for the first time.  I’ve never felt what Family felt like before this moment.  They hugged me, kissed me, and loved me like they had since the moment that I had been born.

My Aunt Myrna passed away this past week.  But don’t frown….as her widower put it: she was only happy when she was making you smile.  She used to have water fights with her children—inside the house!  It drove her mother nuts!  So, what did Myrna do?  She drove her mother more nuts!  She called her mother one day and said:

“Ma! Guess what I’m doing right now?!?  I’m running….With scissors!”

My family at Quench really stepped it up for me when I had to head out of town for the celebration of Myrna’s life.  I was leaving for the weekend.

Oh. MY. God.

I’ve been in the restaurant business for about 15 years, and I don’t take off many weekends.  And I had to leave the restaurant to Michael?!?  I mean, it is HIS restaurant, but I’ve been trying to do more and more of everything, because he is just so busy with his other businesses and his family.  Can I trust him to make sure everything is running smoothly?





















Yep, sure could.  Our Quench family held it down!!  Special thanks to Jasmine, Kelsey, and Bryan for working extra hours and making sure that things went well.

Please know that this Family feeling is what we want you to experience when you come into Quench.  Get to know us.  We want to get to know you.  We love to give hugs, but it’s not a requirement!  Have opinions about our menu?  Let me know!  We want to hear from you!

Want to gather YOUR family here?  We have space for you; let us know ahead of time!  Kris is part of our family and she spends hours designing events and planning parties, all in between spending time with her own family.

Another ‘member’ of our family is about to follow through with his dream! Uprising Muffins is opening in the next week or so near Howard University, in DC. Go check them out!  We’re so proud of you Donnie—Congratulations!

So, bring your friends, family, even your dogs (when it’s nice enough for the patio), and come join your family at Quench.

Make sure you say hi—to Michael—because now, I’m about to start taking off more weekends!














My Dog smells like Fritos.


Not the Chili-Cheese flavor. Nor the Honey BBQ. She doesn’t smell like Spicy Jalapeno, or Wild ‘n Mild Ranch (ew). The smell doesn’t even remind me of the Big Scoop Fritos. It’s the Original Frito smell.

I don’t know why. I just know that when I’m welcomed home by her, I get a whiff of what is reminiscent of that scent. The Original Frito Scent.

I love my dog. I hate that my dog smells like Fritos.

Also, she hates bananas. She’ll take a banana in her mouth, throw it, pounce on it, pick it up between her two front teeth, and throw it again. It’s these little idiosyncrasies about her that make me smile. As I try not to breathe in through my nose.

Are you a dog-owner? Please think about Quench when you’re out on your weekend errands. Have the dog with you, no worries! Stop in for a bite and a cocktail on the patio, and we’ll be more than happy to give your dog some water, snacks and belly-rubs.

Our great new patio will be open in the next week (weather permitting). We’ll have new heaters, new cushions, a few new tables, and some awesome lights for a better ambiance. Can you tell we’re excited for warm weather?

Also, as always: Open Mic is on Tuesdays (there is some great local talent involved and you can win yourself a paying gig); Wednesday is Game Night (with fun entertainment like Jenga and Cards Against Humanity); Thursday’s we offer 1/2 price wine bottles and $1 Local Oysters. Friday and Saturday, it’d be a good idea to make a reservation on CityEats, but we still allow room for walk-ins too! Sundays, in addition to our great brunch and dinner service, we’ve also partnered with Stars-n-Bars Poker for free Hold ‘Em tournaments starting at 3pm and 5:30pm (with food specials). I don’t know how to play, but Michael is determined to teach me. And probably take all of my money.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our Advisory Board Members (guests who offer opinions, help taste test, etc).

First up: Helen, an amazing and spirited photographer, business-owner, and mother! website blog FaceBook twitter IG

Helen Photographer


“Hi, I’m Helen. I settled down three miles from the home I grew up in and absolutely love the DC area. It’s where my heart is. I’m a full time portrait photographer and mom of two young energetic boys that love small creatures and getting dirty. When I do something, it’s always with passion. My mantra is work hard, laugh often, choose happiness.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Quench Advisory Board for so many reasons, but my top five are: 1) the food is ridiculously good. really. 2) i can always use an excuse to eat and drink at Quench 3) the level of talent featured during nights with live music is incredible 4) I love helping other local small businesses 5) Quench ROCKS.

Shameless Plug: I’m doing Mother’s day photo sessions on May 4th. Book a spot, cross Mom’s Day gift off your to-do. Sign up for the “signature session” on 5/4 HERE.

If you haven’t been by Quench lately, stop over tomorrow evening (3/18) for the always-awesome open mic night. I’ll be there giving away $50 Helen John Photography gift certificates to anyone for just saying hi and introducing yourself to me!”

Thank Helen, and thanks everyone, for reading our very first QuenchNationBlog!




summer barbequeWe announced last month that Quench now OFFICIALLY offers our sister service, Quench Events- the answer to all of your catering needs.  We offer everything from Mediterranean to Asian-Inspired cuisine, and can accommodate a party of ten to a party of 1,000!

With that being said, we figured summer time would be ideal to share our new Barbeque Menu with our beloved Quench Nation!  So if you don’t have the time to run to the store before your next party, or the kids have five sport practice’s tomorrow morning and you just don’t have the energy to fix everything, let Quench Events take care of it all for you!  We have a bunch of tasty options, as well as completely reasonable pricing.

Want to learn more? Check out the new BBQ Catering Menu here! And for any inquiries, questions or reservations, please reach out to our wonderful Quench Events Catering & Business Development Manager, Kris Pokress via the form found here, or by email at!

Cheers to a happy and wonderful summer, Quench Nation! Be safe out there!

thunder beast root beer

We are happy to announce a very special happy hour event this coming Tuesday.  Our friends at Thunder Beast Root Beer have selected Quench as a “sneak preview” spot to host some samples and tastings, which will include multiple Thunder Beast drinks and some extra special cocktails created by our lead Mixologist, Matt Allred.

Thunder Beast is a DC Micro brew that is especially focused on root beer, as opposed to other local breweries who sway more towards the beer side.  Thunder Beast will be in the house from 3-close on April 30th, so be sure to make an appearance, meet the Thunder Beast owner and see what all the buzz is about!  Quench is hoping to be a home for the Thunder Beast brand once their root beers are publicly available.

Any and all feedback and company would be much appreciated, see you guys there!

Are you ready? Quench has partnered with Linganore Winecellars to bring you an incredibly exclusive event!

Join us Sunday May 5th, 2013 at Linganore Winery for

Around the World: A Wine Pairing Event Series

First Stop: Latin America!

Starting at 3pm, guests will be welcomed with a “passport” and guided into the ballroom at Linganore.  With your passport, you receive five wine tickets; each good for a pour of wine hand-picked to complement the Quench cuisine, which has been inspired by various Latin American countries.

Instead of the same ol’ stuffy sit down, plated dinner format, we are spicing things up a bit!  The room will be set up with five serving-stations, ranging from cheeses and horderves to hearty meats and tasty desserts.  We will have live music for your enjoyment, and a takeaway gift from both Quench and Linganore Wines.

Best of all, this event leaves plenty of room for opportunity to host more pairing events “around the world” in the future: keep your eyes peeled for an Italian and Mediterranean Event in the fall!

Tickets are priced at $80 per person, and are sure to sell out fast! Get your tickets here today and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with us in style 🙂

kris pokress, our newest addition!Hello! My name is Kris Pokress and I am thrilled to join the Quench Nation as the Catering and Business Development Manager! I have been in the Catering/Event Planner business for over 15 years, most of my time being spent planning events for the Oakland Raiders and Oakland A’s.  I am a Northern California native who moved to the east coast about 6 years ago.  Things I love?  Running around with my 2 kiddos and running marathons!  Sunny days, barbecues, wine and good friends, this is my concoction for good times! Since moving to the EC I have become the suburbanite party planner amongst my friends. I’ve even started an annual event, The Fall Crush Blind Wine Tasting Party!

I plan to make Quench Events the most skilled and unique catering company around; a company that serves restaurant style food (rather than traditional banquet fare), creative cocktails and killer parties. Whether it is your office, your home, or a famous Washington DC landmark, Quench Events will create a memorable experience with pleasure!

Slack WineryWe’ve been promising it’s coming, and here it is- the first ever Quench Wine Pairing Event!

Our new friends at Slack Winery of Ridge, Maryland will be in the house April 14th.  They have generously offered their products for us to share with the Quench community, and we are very excited to have them on board!

Join us from 6-8pm for a four-course meal, with each serving paired with complementing, refreshing drinks from the vines, courtesy of Slack Winery.   Our menu will host cheese hor’derves, shrimp, herb marinated chicken, lamb loin and a tasty dessert.

Ready to sign up? Click here for the link to purchase your tickets today.

Cheers to good friends, good wine and good times! See you at Quench 🙂

Best New Restaurant Nominee!

quenchlogo.pngMany thanks to each and every one of our fans out there!  Whether you recommended us to a friend, liked us on Facebook, are a member of the Quench Advisory Board, or you simply stopped in for a cocktail and truly enjoyed yourself… we are pleased to announce that thanks to our terrific guests,  Quench has been chosen as a “Best New Restaurant of 2012” candidate via the Restaurant Association of Maryland!

The Restaurant Association of Maryland is the state trade association operated for the purpose of promoting, protecting and improving the food service industry.   As a young and growing establishment, we are honored to have been selected as a nominee for this award; however, it’s thanks to all of YOU out there for putting us on the map and helping to create a Quench stir in the bar and restaurant realm.

The best part about the annual awards for the Restaurant Association of Maryland’s, is that the winners are determined by the public!  AND THAT MEANS YOU! You can vote as often as you like up until March 8, 2013.   Online ballots for the Restaurant Association of Maryland Annual Awards can be found filled out and submitted here.  Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your coworkers!  We want to dominate this category and win with flying colors so there isn’t a doubt as to who deserves the title of Best New Restaurant in all of Maryland.

Your continued love and support has helped us tremendously and we couldn’t have gotten to where we are without you.  And this is only the beginning! So let’s rock this vote and keep Quench on the up and up!


Wednesday Night Game Night! GET READY!

triviaAfter seeing such a positive response and turn out from you guys when we have the Mike O’Meara Show come in to host trivia, Quench has decided to step it up a notch!  We are proud to announce our new partnership with Final Score Trivia- Maryland!

Final Score is the largest Trivia game in Maryland, and we are happy to have them in house on Wednesday nights from 730-930 beginning February 27th.  You may have played with them before at other local spots such as Rockafellas, Hard Times Cafe and JJ Muldoons.  FST hosts trivia games seven nights a week, all over the state of Maryland and we are very happy to have them on board at Quench!

Final Score is very structured in terms of the way they play.  Teams can be up to twelve players and must all sit together.  You write your answers on a slip you turn into the judge, and you are awarded your points accordingly.  Most important note of all? NO CELL PHONES! If they catch you cheating or looking up answers, you get the boot!  Each week we will have a first, second and third place prize for our best teams.

Got your thinkin’ cap on? Well make sure to come out and play with us Wednesday, February 27th and every Wednesday night thereafter.


meHello all!  My name is Lindsay King, and I am the newest member of the Quench Nation.  I come from an online marketing background, and I am incredibly excited to be working as the Marketing and Events Manager.  I’m (most importantly) a Redskins fan, a Montgomery County native, I love the beach, I live with my fiance, roommate and two bull mastiffs… and I’m lovin’ life!  And if you were to ask any of my friends who they would call to help them plan a party… hands down, it’s always been me.

I plan to make Quench the new “it” place in the Montgomery County suburbs.  The lounge has such a luxurious, yet chill atmosphere.  The cocktails are so unique and exotic!  I can hardly believe I didn’t even know about this little gem until about a month ago.  But there is much potential and lots on the road ahead.  I am looking forward to seeing each of you at our different in-house events.  CHEERS TO NEW BEGINNINGS 🙂