I’m late, I’m late.  I know  this blog is late!  I’m so sorry. I had to head out of town for a funeral.  I know…it’s a sad topic.  But, this won’t bring you down, I promise.  This one is about support from loved ones and the power of family.

Family comes in all forms.  Sometimes, you don’t even know who they are.  I didn’t know 2 of my aunts until I turned 17.  I stepped of the plane, in my shy teenage years, anxious to meet these women for the first time.  I’ve never felt what Family felt like before this moment.  They hugged me, kissed me, and loved me like they had since the moment that I had been born.

My Aunt Myrna passed away this past week.  But don’t frown….as her widower put it: she was only happy when she was making you smile.  She used to have water fights with her children—inside the house!  It drove her mother nuts!  So, what did Myrna do?  She drove her mother more nuts!  She called her mother one day and said:

“Ma! Guess what I’m doing right now?!?  I’m running….With scissors!”

My family at Quench really stepped it up for me when I had to head out of town for the celebration of Myrna’s life.  I was leaving for the weekend.

Oh. MY. God.

I’ve been in the restaurant business for about 15 years, and I don’t take off many weekends.  And I had to leave the restaurant to Michael?!?  I mean, it is HIS restaurant, but I’ve been trying to do more and more of everything, because he is just so busy with his other businesses and his family.  Can I trust him to make sure everything is running smoothly?





















Yep, sure could.  Our Quench family held it down!!  Special thanks to Jasmine, Kelsey, and Bryan for working extra hours and making sure that things went well.

Please know that this Family feeling is what we want you to experience when you come into Quench.  Get to know us.  We want to get to know you.  We love to give hugs, but it’s not a requirement!  Have opinions about our menu?  Let me know!  We want to hear from you!

Want to gather YOUR family here?  We have space for you; let us know ahead of time!  Kris is part of our family and she spends hours designing events and planning parties, all in between spending time with her own family.

Another ‘member’ of our family is about to follow through with his dream! Uprising Muffins is opening in the next week or so near Howard University, in DC. Go check them out!  We’re so proud of you Donnie—Congratulations!

So, bring your friends, family, even your dogs (when it’s nice enough for the patio), and come join your family at Quench.

Make sure you say hi—to Michael—because now, I’m about to start taking off more weekends!