My Dog smells like Fritos.


Not the Chili-Cheese flavor. Nor the Honey BBQ. She doesn’t smell like Spicy Jalapeno, or Wild ‘n Mild Ranch (ew). The smell doesn’t even remind me of the Big Scoop Fritos. It’s the Original Frito smell.

I don’t know why. I just know that when I’m welcomed home by her, I get a whiff of what is reminiscent of that scent. The Original Frito Scent.

I love my dog. I hate that my dog smells like Fritos.

Also, she hates bananas. She’ll take a banana in her mouth, throw it, pounce on it, pick it up between her two front teeth, and throw it again. It’s these little idiosyncrasies about her that make me smile. As I try not to breathe in through my nose.

Are you a dog-owner? Please think about Quench when you’re out on your weekend errands. Have the dog with you, no worries! Stop in for a bite and a cocktail on the patio, and we’ll be more than happy to give your dog some water, snacks and belly-rubs.

Our great new patio will be open in the next week (weather permitting). We’ll have new heaters, new cushions, a few new tables, and some awesome lights for a better ambiance. Can you tell we’re excited for warm weather?

Also, as always: Open Mic is on Tuesdays (there is some great local talent involved and you can win yourself a paying gig); Wednesday is Game Night (with fun entertainment like Jenga and Cards Against Humanity); Thursday’s we offer 1/2 price wine bottles and $1 Local Oysters. Friday and Saturday, it’d be a good idea to make a reservation on CityEats, but we still allow room for walk-ins too! Sundays, in addition to our great brunch and dinner service, we’ve also partnered with Stars-n-Bars Poker for free Hold ‘Em tournaments starting at 3pm and 5:30pm (with food specials). I don’t know how to play, but Michael is determined to teach me. And probably take all of my money.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce our Advisory Board Members (guests who offer opinions, help taste test, etc).

First up: Helen, an amazing and spirited photographer, business-owner, and mother! website blog FaceBook twitter IG

Helen Photographer


“Hi, I’m Helen. I settled down three miles from the home I grew up in and absolutely love the DC area. It’s where my heart is. I’m a full time portrait photographer and mom of two young energetic boys that love small creatures and getting dirty. When I do something, it’s always with passion. My mantra is work hard, laugh often, choose happiness.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Quench Advisory Board for so many reasons, but my top five are: 1) the food is ridiculously good. really. 2) i can always use an excuse to eat and drink at Quench 3) the level of talent featured during nights with live music is incredible 4) I love helping other local small businesses 5) Quench ROCKS.

Shameless Plug: I’m doing Mother’s day photo sessions on May 4th. Book a spot, cross Mom’s Day gift off your to-do. Sign up for the “signature session” on 5/4 HERE.

If you haven’t been by Quench lately, stop over tomorrow evening (3/18) for the always-awesome open mic night. I’ll be there giving away $50 Helen John Photography gift certificates to anyone for just saying hi and introducing yourself to me!”

Thank Helen, and thanks everyone, for reading our very first QuenchNationBlog!