chixwaffleHave you been looking for a new spot to check out for brunch in Montgomery County?  Besides the standard diners and hotels, there are kinda slim pickins’ in terms of your options.  Well, Quench got an A+ review via the Bitches Who Brunch, two classy DC ladies who pride themselves in keeping the DC area in-the-know about all things brunch.

Cori Sue says of our grilled cheese:

There is nothing about this meal that doesn’t make it perfect: It was a grilled cheese, it was enormous, they used brie, they lathered it in truffled mayo, they topped it with caramelized onions and a fried egg. This sandwich will set the standard for all the future breakfast sandwiches I will ever eat.

Read more about our brunch review here! And thanks a million for coming out and for the write up, Cori Sue and Becca!